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Africa Division
Americas Division
Asia Division
Europe and Central Asia Division
Middle East and North Africa Division
Arms Division
Children's Rights Division
Women's Rights Division

Africa Division

Angola: Research on arms and human rights abuses (August-September).

Angola and Zambia: Research on general human rights development (August).

Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda: Advocacy and networking (February).

Democratic Republic of Congo: Research on repression of civil and political rights (May-June).

The Gambia: Advocacy, with the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (October).

Guinea: Research on refugees (July).

Kenya: Research on state-sponsored violence (April).
see also Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda.

Liberia: Research on refugees (July).

Sierra Leone: Research on violence against noncombatants (July).

South Africa: Research on abuse of undocumented migrants and asylum seekers (April).
Updating on general human rights situation (June).
African Human Rights Commissions (June-July).
see also Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda.

Sudan: Research on famine (May).

Tanzania: Research on refugees (May-June).

Uganda: Research on human rights developments (May).

Zambia: see above Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda.

Americas Division

Amsterdam: Advocacy (July).

Argentina: Advocacy mission to release La Inseguridad Policial: Violencia de las Fuerzas de Seguridad en la Argentina (October).

Brazil: Fact-finding, police lockups and prisons in Sao Paulo (November 1997).
Fact-finding, prisons in Rio Grande do Sul, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte, and Amazonas states (December 1997).
Fact-finding, prison conditions in Sao Paulo (January).
Fact-finding in Ceará on riot at the Instituto Penal Paulo Sarasate (IPPS) prison near Fortaleza (January)
Fact-finding in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte State on killing of seven prisoners at the Joao Chaves Penitentary (February).
Fact-finding in Minas Gerais state on conditions in police lockups and prisons (March).
Advocacy in Alagoas; meetings with state governor and other officials regarding investigations into police involvement in organized crime (March-April).

Fact-finding on status of legislative measures relating to human rights in Brasília (May).
Observation of trial in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, of police officer Jorge Luis Fernandes for involvement in “death squad” killings (May).

Observation of second trial of police officer Jorge Luiz Fernandes in Natal (October).

Canada: Conference in Montreal on human rights led by the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development (February).

Roundtable in Ottawa on human rights led by the Canadian Foundation for the Americas, with a particular focus on Cuba (March).
Research on debriefing of former Cuban political prisoners in Toronto(April).

Chile: Advocacy, the Second Summit of the Americas in Santiago (April).

Colombia: Research on violations of international humanitarian law (December 1997).
Advocacy on the International Criminal Court and other human rights concerns (May).
Advocacy on release of War Without Quarter: Colombia and International Humanitarian Law (October).

Costa Rica: Conference, Instituto Interamericano de Derechos Humanos (June).

France and Switzerland: Advocacy, human rights and the European system in Strasbourg and Geneva (November 1997).

Guatemala: Attending the funeral of Bishop Juan José Gerardi (April).

Haiti: Advocacy, International Tribunal Against Violence Against Women (November 1997).

Mexico: Research, Tamaulipas (November 1997).
Research, Chiapas, Oaxaca, and Mexico City (January-February).
Research in Mexico City (June).

Paraguay: Advocacy, to investigate abuses on Paraguay-Brazil border and detention conditions for minors (October).

Venezuela: Advocacy on the International Criminal Court (May).
Mission to release Castigados Sin Condena: Condiciones en las Prisiones de Venezuela , an updated Spanish translation of a report published in 1997 (June).

Asia Division

Afghanistan: Research to interview Afghan refugees (April).

Belgium: Advocacy in Brussels, with E.U. officials and in Paris and London, with foreign ministry officials to discuss the April
Asia-Europe summit (ASEM). China and Burma rights issues were also on the agenda (January).

Belgium and France: Advocacy in Brussels and Paris on Cambodia (June/July).

Cambodia: Research and monitoring of human rights conditions before and after national elections held on July 26, 1998

Cambodia and Thailand: Research to examine the ability of Cambodians to exercise their rights to freedom of expression, association, and assembly in the period leading up to national elections (February-April).

China and Hong Kong: Advocacy, to discuss joint regional advocacy strategies with local NGOs (January).

France: see above Belgium and France.

Hong Kong: see above China and Hong Kong.

India: Research in Singrauli, to investigate human rights abuses associated with a World Bank-funded power project (February-March).
Research on violence against low-caste people, especially women, in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Bihar (January-March).
Advocacy, to consult with local groups working on issues of caste violence (July/August).
Research in Dharamsala, interviews of Tibetans from eastern Tibet (Kham and Amdo) (August).

Indonesia: Advocacy, to seek ideas from Indonesian NGOs on IMF and World Bank programs and human rights (February-March).
Research on arbitrary arrests and “disappearances” of Soeharto critics, and human rights abuses in Irian Jaya (March).
Research to investigate violence against ethnic Chinese and follow up on human rights in Irian Jaya (August).

Japan: Advocacy, to discuss issues of
human rights and Japanese foreign policy, particularly with respect to China, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Burma (April).

Malaysia: Advocacy, to attend Asia Pacific People’s Assembly and NGO meetings parallel to APEC, and to monitor Anwar and Fernandez trials (November).

Pakistan: Research to interview survivors of massacre of ethnic Hazaras in Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan (September/October).

Thailand: Research on treatment of Burmese refugees and immigration detention conditions of migrants in Thailand (February-March). see also Cambodia and Thailand.

Europe and Central Asia Division

Armenia: Research on human rights abuse (September).

Austria: Meetings with Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) officials in Vienna regarding situation in Kosovo (March).
Meetings with the OSCE in Vienna about Human Rights Watch reports on Macedonia and Uzbekistan, as well as the conflict in Kosovo. Advocated for greater incorporation of women’s human rights into the work of the OSCE (April).

Azerbaijan: Investigated police abuse and elections laws (May).

Belarus: Observed politically motivated trials (February).
Collected testimony related to violations of freedom of expression (April).

Belgium: Advocacy mission to European Commission in Brussels on aid conditionality in Bosnia (April).

Bosnia: Observed women’s rights in Republika Srpska (January).

France: Advocacy with Council of Europe in Strasbourg on accession procedure for Caucasus nations (January).
Council of Europe advocacy on accession of Caucasus Nations (April).
Council of Europe advocacy on Croatia, Kosovo, and accession of Caucasus nations (September).

Germany and Switzerland: Visited detention facilities of Kosovar Albanian asylum seekers (September).

Germany and United Kingdom: Research on general human rights situation in Western Europe; in Belfast, made presentation at Independent Commission on Policing (October).

Macedonia: Research on police abuse (November 1997).

Poland: Advocacy related to the 1997 OSCE Review Conference in Warsaw (November 1997).

Poland, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan: Investigated freedom of conscience and other political freedoms; met with Chairman-in-Office of the OSCE Bronislav Geremek in Warsaw, and with representatives from the Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) to discuss Human rights Watch findings in Central Asia (May).

Montenegro, Serbia, and Kosovo: Advocacy (August).

The Netherlands: Advocacy with the OSCE High Commission on National Minorities in The Hague (April).

Russia: Investigated conditions in orphanages (March).
Investigated police abuse in Irkutsk province (April).
Investigated police abuse in Arkhangelsk, Novgorod, and Saint Petersburg (July).
Return visit to Arkhangelsk to further investigate police abuse (September).
Monitored trial of environmental activist Alexander Nikitin (October).

Serbia: see above Montenegro, Serbia, and Kosovo.

Switzerland: see above Germany and Switzerland.

Turkmenistan: see above Poland, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

United Kingdom: Advocacy mission to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development on arms transfer to Turkey (April).
Monitored marching season in Northern Ireland (July). see also Germany and United Kingdom.

Uzbekistan: Investigated freedom of conscience in Fergana valley (March).
see also Poland.

Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: Investigated humanitarian law violations in Kosovo (February).
Research on humanitarian law violations in Kosovo (June).
Monitored detentions, arrests, and massacres in Kosovo (September).

Middle East and North Africa Division

Belgium: Hearing on human rights in Algeria at the European Parliament in Brussels (November 1997).
Advocacy on implementation of E.U. Association Agreement with Tunisia (July).

Denmark: Meeting of the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network, in Copenhagen (December 1997).

Egypt: Consultations with regional labor and lawyer organizations on migrant labor issues and freedom of association (April).
Meetings with human rights organizations on E.U. Association Agreement opportunities, and with media and foreign ministry officials concerning diplomatic conference to establish an International Criminal Court (May).
Consultation with local human rights organizations and investigation of draft associations law (May-June).

Germany: Advocacy on Algeria, Iran, and other regional issues (December 1997).
Israel and the occupied West Bank and Gaza: Consultations with human rights organizations (April).
Presented paper at conference on Israeli human rights violations and consulted with NGOs on U.N. advocacy strategies (June).

Morocco: Attended conference organized by Morocco’s Consultative Council on Human Rights and consulted with local human rights organizations (April).

Switzerland:Advocacy on Algeria and other issues at U.N. Commission on Human Rights in Geneva (March).
Advocacy in Geneva on occasion of U.N. Human Rights Committee review of Algeria’s adherence to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (July).

Tunisia: Investigated conditions under which human rights defenders operate (August).

United Kingdom: Research on the state of free expression on the Internet in the Middle East, in London (March).
Advocacy, meeting with media, foreign ministry, and NGOs in London (March).
Consultations with international human rights organizations in England (June).
Participated in seminar on freedom of information, in London (June).

Arms Division

Angola and Zambia: Investigated arms flows to Angolan government and UNITA rebels, and the landmines situation (July-August).

Austria: Advocacy, meeting with NGOs and government leaders on landmines (May).

Belgium: Advocacy, to release report on Burundi (December 1997).
Investigated role of Ostend airport in the transshipment of weapons (April).
Advocacy, to present the findings of Sudan report to the E.U. Parliament, Council and Commission, attend a conference on the E.U. Common Foreign and Security Policy, and follow-up with NATO advocacy (September).
Advocacy, to attend a Belgian government conference and an IANSA meeting on small arms (October).

Belgium and United Kingdom: Advocacy, to attend the G8 summit in Birmingham to press the issue of small arms proliferation, and to speak in Brussels to the European Parliament in support of the E.U. code of conduct on arms transfers, and meet with NATO officials (May).

Budapest: Advocacy, government/NGO regional meeting on landmines (March).

Burkina Faso: Advocacy, NGO landmines meetings and OAU summit (June).

Burundi, Kenya, and Rwanda: Investigated the continuing influx of weapons to abusive parties to armed conflict (July-August).

Canada: Advocacy, government and NGO landmines meetings (March).
Advocacy, NGO preparatory conference for the launching of an International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) (August).
Advocacy, NGO conference on Landmine Monitor and government conference on Mine Ban Treaty implementation (December).
Participation in the ceremony to sign the Mine Ban Treaty (December 1997).

Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania: Advocacy mission to raise concern about arms flows in Great Lakes and Sudan with NGOs, media, and OAU (July).

France and Italy: Advocacy, to discuss our research in the Great Lakes with the French government and NGOs and to attend an NGO arms conference in Italy (April).

Germany: Advocacy, general meeting of International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) (February).

Ireland: Advocacy, conference on Landmine Monitor (September).

Italy: see above France and Italy.

Japan: Advocacy, government and NGO landmine meetings including Nagano Winter Olympics Peace Appeal (January-February).

Jordan: Advocacy mission to regional NGO conference on landmines (July).

Kenya: see above Burundi, Kenya and Rwanda; Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Norway: Participation in Red Cross experts meeting on small arms and international humanitarian law (May).
Advocacy, ICBL meetings including establishment of Landmine Monitor (June).
Participation in Nobel Peace Prize ceremony (December 1997).

Russia: Advocacy, first NGO conference on landmines in Russia and CIS (May).

Rwanda: see above Burundi, Kenya, and Rwanda.

South Africa: Advocacy, Non-Aligned Movement summit to press the landmines issue (August).

South Korea: Advocacy, government and NGO landmines meetings including visit to DMZ (February).

Sudan: Advocacy/research, to discuss arms flows to Sudan with the government (November 1997).

Tanzania: see above Ethiopia.

Ukraine: Advocacy, to meet with NGOs and government leaders on landmines (May).

United Kingdom: see above Belgium and United Kingdom.

Zambia: see above Angola and Zambia.

Children's Rights Division

Jamaica: Follow-up investigation of children held in adult lockups (August).

Pakistan: Investigation of juvenile justice administration in Pakistan, including treatment of children in police lockups and prisons (May).

Russia: Investigated conditions and treatment of children in Russian orphanages (January-February).

Rwanda: Investigated the impact of genocide on children (February).

Sri Lanka: Investigated the use of children as domestic workers (October-November).

United States: Investigated treatment of unaccompanied minors by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) in Berks County, Pennsylvania (June).
Investigated the trial of children as adults and the confinement of children in adult detention facilities in Maryland (July-October).
Conducted research on child migrant farmworkers in Arizona (September-October).

Women's Rights Division

Bosnia: Research on women's rights post- conflict (January-February).

Budapest: Advocacy on strategies to combat trafficking in Eastern Europe (June).

Canada: Advocacy on the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) and justice for victims of sexual violence (October).

France and Great Britain: Meeting with representatives from Algerian women's rights NGOs (March).

Great Britain: see above France and Great Britain.

Italy: Advocacy, Diplomatic Conference on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court (June-July).

Mexico: Advocacy on pregnancy discrimination (October).

Pakistan: Research on stiuation of women in Afghanistan (May).
Research on Afghan refugees in Pakistan (May and October).

Poland: Advocacy, regional meeting on pro moting women's legal rights (November).

Russia: Advocacy on domestic violence (March).

South Africa: Advocacy on state response to violence against women (August).

Switzerland: Advocacy with the U.N. Human Rights Commission (April).

Tanzania: Research on violence against women in refugee camps (June-July).

United States: Research on retaliation against incarcerated women in Michigan state prisons (December 1997 and March)
Advocacy on violence against incarcerated women in California (April and September)

Uruguay: Advocacy, conference on the rights of women in the Americas (September).


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