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This report is based on a field investigation by Dr. Alastair Hay, reader in Chemical Pathology at the University of Leeds, assisted by Ernst Jan Hogendoorn, research associate at the Arms Division of Human Rights Watch, in Bosnia and Hercegovina in the summer of 1996. The report was written by Dr. Hay, with assistance from Mr. Hogendoorn (who wrote chapters 1 and 2), and was edited by Joost Hiltermann, executive director of the Arms Division of Human Rights Watch.

Mr. Hogendoorn also carried out a preliminary investigation for this project in the former Yugoslavia in the spring of 1996, and returned to the region for supplemental research in the spring of 1997. Mr. Hogendoorn is the author of an earlier report stemming from Human Rights Watch’s investigation into the production and use of chemical weapons in the Balkans, “Clouds of War: Chemical Weapons in the Former Yugoslavia” (March 1997), available from Human Rights Watch.

Human Rights Watch would like to thank Wendy Hay for editing an early version of this report, and Dr. Mario Zivkovic of Zagreb, who was a most diligent translator during the investigation in July 1996. Human Rights Watch would also like to thank Dr. Brian Davey (The Hague), Dr. Matthew Friedman (professor of psychiatry and pharmacology at Dartmouth Medical School, New Hampshire, and executive director of the National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), and Dr. Jan Willems (professor of toxicology at the University of Ghent Medical School) for reviewing the data presented in this report.

Human Rights Watch acknowledges with appreciation the support of the Rockefeller Foundation. Human Rights Watch takes sole responsibility for the content of this report.

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